Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Goodbye Malware!

I have not been to this blog lately as I was busy with a lot of things lately. One is that I became so hooked with the quota I was trying to reach. All other money making sites interest me and I am checking them out to see whether joining is good.

Today as I try to check my site URL, it gave me a message that this blog has detected a Malware and I couldn't view my site. I tried to clear my cookies and cache and rebooted the computer. It still gave me the same message and it was saying that one of the site I have on my blog appears to host a malicious software that can hurt my computer or otherwise operate without my consent. Since it specifically pinpointed which of the site is causing such problem, I instantly deleted it from my widget. Thank goodness it's gone and my blog is showing up again!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's pissing me off

I really get pissed off when Internet becomes intermittent. It was just fixed two days ago but I kept losing the connection. Sometimes for two hours, sometimes for 30 minutes or less. I don't think we deserve to get this kind of service when we are paying on time. What really sucks is their customer service that can't even help me resolve the connection.

We came into decision that we are gonna try subscribing to another ISP. But since we might get busy this week, I guess the latest we can apply for a permanent disconnection to our current ISP and an application to the new one will be next month or by December.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Internet is back, finally!

Yes I was happy about it. I got by without the Internet but it really made my days a bit boring. And I have to really catch up on a lot of things. I have read few pages of a book. I've watched some funny movies. Bad Teacher and Mr. Popper's Penguin were both really funny. I enjoyed watching these two flicks and had my brother and mom watched it as well today. I realized that night I had watched 3 movies trying to forget the boredom of not being connected. I've seen Friends with Benefits too. The film was actually not something that I can relate to but I find it funny and I was happy that they end up with each other. 

I am back to being busy with my stuff online. And right now I am also into deciding whether to really stop playing CityVille. I am really hating having to complete quests. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Still no Internet

already wrote about my Internet connection problem right. It actually took this long for me to realize that my Adobe Reader only works when there’s Internet. I’m so dumb right. I never realize I won’t be able to use it now that I really need to use it. Uhhmmmm, I really wanted to read some of the books now. But too bad I can’t. So the next thing to do is find out a Reader that’s useful even when I’m offline. It was working before even when I have no Internet. I guess Reader X must have overwrite it. :(

My network provider sucks big time. They’re giving me a big headache and a lot of catching up to do. I reported about the problem to both technical and accounts. I am just so surprised when the customer service agent told me it was scheduled for inspection after 4 days. Wow, 4 days is surely a long time. And adding it all up means 5 days without Internet. Too bad!

Right now I am thinking what to do, hmmmm I’m thinking of watching Mr. Popper’s Penguin later, I still have a lot of movies on queue. If I really got bored I’ll be watching it. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No Internet means find other things to do

There was no internet the whole day. My online activities were stopped too. I can’t work and my earnings for today just got wasted. I spent the whole afternoon watching movies. Time Traveler’s Wife has been in my laptop for two years but it was only today that I got the chance to see the movie. 

Since I got busy with the whole internet thingy I find it hard giving time for myself to watch movies at home. The movie made me cry, it was really touching and so sad. I would not wish to be in her shoes. As Henry told the lines… No, don’t wait for me, I wouldn’t want you to spend the you’re rest of your life waiting, and saw his wife’s eyes…. Aaaahhhh it broke my heart!

Well then, wiping the tears… we then watched a thriller entitle Dream House. It’s Daniel Craig’s latest flick. It’s also a sad movie, it was good too. It’s just that some of the lines and images weren’t so clear coz once again mom bought a pirated DVD. And I swear I’m gonna download a good copy of it and watch it again.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Leaving my Farm

Before switching off the lappy last night, I decided to once again try sending an application to Adsense for one blog I am maintaining. Remember I am not able to run Adsense here anymore because of change of address issues. Today I was surprised to see a mail from Adsense informing me that I can now put on ads but will still be subjected for review. Although it was not yet fully approved, I have at least half a reason to celebrate! Yey!

My online activities are piling up already. Every now and then I get to discover worthy sites to work on. This is the reason I decided to lessen my Facebook games. Previously I was thinking that quitting the usual activities I have on Facebook is a really tough move to make. But nope, I've proven it is actually not. It's just up to us how we motivate ourselves to stop the nonsense games. ^^

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Satan's buddy

I can't believe I have to write his name. Satan.

It was the name and the word I normally thought of whenever people seems so monstrous towards others. Who would not refer to them as Satan if they have taken away innocent lives of people who never actually did them wrong. These people (the victims) might have a lot of good missions to share in the world but their life was cut short because of such evilness and senseless killing that was done to them.

Up to now, I have never heard or even seen any reports in the news about the murder and rape that had happened in our town last year. The area was a bit far from my place, but it was near a friend's house. The mom who was running an internet cafe was killed with multiple stabs all over her body. Her young 12-year old daughter was also killed in her room. She was found at a backward position with legs twisted in a way you can't imagine how it has been done. Worst, she was as well raped.